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01. Always With Me
02. Once Upon A Dream
03. Beautiful World
04. Let It Go
05. A Whole New World
06. Mononoke Hime
07. Beauty and the Beast
08. Colours of the Wind
09. Part of Your World
10. First Love
黒氷Keeper of Colours

ついろぐ4 by 柄沙 on pixiv
Me: If I put A Whole New World on my iPod, will you sing it with me?
Boyfriend: Oh geeze, I learned Let it Go for you, now I have to learn A Whole New World? *sigh* Fine, I'll learn it since I know how much Aladdin means to you.
Me: Bitch, you should have already learnt it by now.

塗らせていただきました♪【セーラー戦士】 by 花蓮@PC故障中 on pixiv


Scenery of spring Tokyo (by Masa :D)