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黒氷Keeper of Colours

So my family and I got to go to Wizard World O hio Comic Con, nd my brother and I dressed up as Dean and Sam Winchester. We totally had so much fun looking for others dressed up as Cas, or even Dean and Sam. 

Without the help of the other Dean and her friend dressed up as Harley Quinn, we wouldn’t have found Cas—who lost her Winchesters. Funny enough, we ran into two Cas’s and two Deans. (Though only talked to one of each.) All were female, and all Deans wore glasses. My brother was the only Sam, haha! And I make a pretty awesome and sexy Dean Winchester, too. (So does my doppelganger.) 

On another note, I got to meet and hug a few cast members from The Walking Dead. Hershel’s beard is very soft, and he is a sweetheart—just throwing that out there. 

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